look to the hills


“Look to the hills, from whence cometh your help.”

And I have been looking …… Sitting in the Kirchplatz in Zermatt one week ago and my heart was already sad to leave. Some things never change. From the age of six and sad to leave after my very first visit. And they were my first mountains ….. the start of a long love affair.

The cold air of the coming winter, warm sunshine on my face and the mountain peaks stark clear against the stunning blue autumn sky. A long journey back first to Winterthur and then to London. Time with family and friends, and a wonderful weekend in the hilly dales of North Yorkshire to celebrate the 40th wedding anniversary of some special friends.

But now ahead 50km time trial on the road to prove fitness for the 2008 100km World Championships in Italy in November. Trepedation – despite all the running I have done this summer I’ve not really been training on the road since before my stress fracture last Easter. Hard to gauge if my legs will be fast enough, and if my heart and head will keep strong….

Mal lüegu …. (“we’ll see” in Walliserdeutsch) ….
sometimes that’s all you can do …

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