“People do not resist change; they resist having change imposed on them”

Life is at the moment a rollercoaster of constant change – a night here, a night there …. Sometimes hard to keep track of where I am, literally and figuratively. But it is good …. I guess at the moment for me there is still a lot of change, but it is created by opportunity rather than being imposed.

Now ahead I have the challenge of focusing on preparation to again represent Great Britain in the 100km World Championships (8th November in Italy). Somehow legs and head and heart worked together and I achieved the time I needed in Boddington 50km race at the weekend. At 3:29:10 it wasn’t my best time (3:20), but still 2nd fastest in the world this year – and with only 10 days back on the road and still relatively soon after the Tour du Mont Blanc – it was better than I’d hoped. But hard work to do before I am ready for the World Championships.

But one step at a time – for now I enjoy the last night home with my parents in the UK. Then back to Winterthur for a night and onward to Cologne. I will run the Cologne marathon on Sunday – having run hard last weekend I can’t hope for a good time, but it will be good preparation for the 100km. Then a series of five presentations for TECOSIM before a train journey to Austria to cover the Tour de Tirol for Athletics Weekly. Finally … I will wend my way back to Zermatt and my beloved mountains.

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