On foot whenever possible, as an elite athlete Lizzy held the world record for 24 hours on the road and won the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc an unprecedented 5 times. A National Geographic Adventurer of the Year and now race director of the Ultra Tour Monte Rosa her passion for exploring is taking her far beyond competition to high, wild places often in Nepal.


“Endurance has always been a way of life for me, not only a sport, and my enduring passion is for the mountains and wilderness. I run simply for the love of it – with heart and soul, as well as the head and legs. If through my running I can reach out to people, to inspire them in some small way, then it gives what I do a deeper meaning. I hope to try to encourage people to realise the value of challenging ourselves both physically and mentally, the wonder of the world we live in, the richness of our environment and our responsibility to share it. This is my dream.”