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 The land! That is where our roots are. There is the basis of our physical life. The further we get away from the land, the greater our insecurity.  HENRY FORD

So maybe the mountains are my roots? It feels like home to be back amongst them. This time I lie in my tent – the beauty of a skyline ridge above me, stars in a clear sky. Sleeping in the laps of the gods? For now home is St Luc a quiet village in Val d’Anniviers in the Swiss Valais – preparing for my International Mountain Leader Assessment next week. Fretting …. So this time being ‘home’ is tinged with anxiety …

Since last up high it seems to have been a whirlwind. Dublin via London – to give a talk at the 53 Degrees North store as part of their lecture series. Daunting and humbling to be invited to talk in the wake of icons such as Chris Bonnington. But I was made very welcome and well looked after. A bit astounded by the media interest after countless interviews I felt ‘talked out’ even before my presentation. Ultra and endurance running doesn’t tend to draw huge attention, but people seemed to like what I said. Maybe in someway I gave them something to think about? Back via London and a meeting with Right to Play. I am very happy to support them as one of their Athlete Ambassadors (see link) – afterall when ‘children play, the world wins’. A special day with all the family (rare now that we can all – parents, brothers, sisters, nephews and niece can be together at the same time) and then back again to the Alps.

Ahead – the summer solstice and a meeting in Frankfurt before train back to St Luc and assessment …..

And the running? Just the last day or so it has started to feel more ‘normal’ – will be careful a little while longer – but maybe I’m on the road?


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  1. peter389 said on June 23, 2008 at 10:25

    Good luck in the assessment Lizzy. Enjoy the mountains. We have fond memories of the Weisshorn hotel – more comfortable than your tent no doubt.All the bestPeter


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