when I rest my feet



When I rest my feet my mind also ceases to function.

After what has felt like a long winter, finally spring has arrived. And with it there is the promise of renewal to lift the spirits. The sun feels warm on my face, and there is a strong smell blossom in the air. The days stretch into wonderful light evenings.

It is a wonderful time to be training, to enjoy running on the trails. Plans to be made, adventures to be had.

Sadly, not yet for me. I have been injured since Easter and face another two to four weeks of no running before I can ease back into training. It is a lesson in living in the Here and the Now. It is just time of course, but time is not what we want to give to injury – and so we have to be patient.

“When I rest my feet my mind also ceases to function.” In some ways that is how I have felt these last weeks. Moving goal posts. Changing plans. The focus of my winter training had been directed towards the 2008 World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships at the 54th Three Peaks Race in Yorkshire (UK). Not often I turn up late to the start of a race, or start backwards, or arrive home as the course markers are being taken down?! And, again last weekend, my plans to compete in the 2008 Mainz half-marathon (Germany) were also scuppered. Now race plans are on hold until I’m back in training once more.

In the meantime I am keeping body and soul together. Cycling, swimming and walking every free moment. Although, perhaps training would be easier if I gave my poor bicycle a little more love and attention.

The determination and the motivation are there – to come back as strong, if not stronger, than before. And to savour again the sheer joy of running free.


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