we judge ourselves


We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.


But sometimes, just sometimes …. it is hard to even ourselves judge what we feel capable of doing?

78km – the Swiss Alpine Marathon – the 26th July
I started … and I finished … happy yet sad too. In 2006 I set a new record, I was first woman again there in 2007 – and it would have been very special to make it again. It wasn’t to be. I finished 2nd behind Jasmin Nunige of Davos, in what for me was a very slow time. But I finished despite sickness during the race, and on relatively little training.

When I was last here in the Graubunden in early June I could run maybe just 10 minutes a day. Step by step. Injury teaches you to take the time; to have the patience to take those ‘baby steps’ to climb back up to the peaks. But sometimes it is tempting to try what you think may still be out of reach. Because unless you try, you will never know.

So – I guess I will judge myself by what I know is possible for me to do – and so be disappointed with my run on Saturday, while yet happy to have held the strength of mind to finish. But others look sometimes to what we have already achieved – and the incredible support I received from so many during the race and after showed me that. To be known by name by strangers from near and far, and to know they are rooting for you – is an incredible source of strength. Thank you.

But most of all – I am happy to be running – and happy to be in the mountains!

Now I have some days with family – and we stay with friends who have been such great support to me. So I am lucky. Very lucky …

Uncertain yet of my plans for the next few weeks as I aim towards The North Face Ultra Trail Tour du Mont Blanc – but living from day to day – and all will become clear …

Swiss Alpine Marathon Davos http://www.swissalpine.ch/

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