Whatever you can do or dream you can. Begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.‘ Goethe

It’s not about the records, it’s not about the medals.
It’s not about winning the race or making the podium.
It’s about the fears and the tears, the laughs and the smiles.
It’s about the shared experiences and the raw emotions.

Our limits today may not be where they were yesterday, or where we hope they will be tomorrow.
But it is today that counts. And sometimes even in ‘today’ we can go beyond what we think is possible.

The only ‘meaning’ comes from the focus, the attention, that we give.
Which is enough, perhaps, since it is somewhere in that we find our ‘flow’.

if the truth of our running is that in our ‘moving’ we find ourselves
then running is the gift that  allows us to know ourselves deeper
when we run for the love of it – with heart and soul, as well as head and legs

it is being in the moment
it is about the freedom of a journey – body, mind, soul and emotions
it is feeling rawness and vulnerability and yet strength in body, mind and spirit
it is the preparation and the in between
it is a the looking for our ‘edge’
it is finding ‘flow’